The Courettes, a White Stripes in reverse. The duo gets a lot done with the right minimum – drums, guitar and a certainty that there is plenty of new gas in go-go-Sixties retrospection. Flavia is a vocal fireball with a Janis Joplin crust on her X-Ray Spex range; Martin hammers at his kit with the muscular concentration of a blacksmith.

Rolling Stone (USA, June 2016)

by David Fricke

A garage rock attack which never lets up. With Seattle’s Sonics as their main driver, The Courettes full-bore attack would do any festival proud.

The Arts Desk (UK, May 2016)

by Kieron Tyler

The Courettes. Guitar and drums. Now: How new and exciting is that? But STOP. Don’t think so! Go and hear, see and feel the duo. It’s pretty much the essence of music. The essence of good, solid, vital rock with a solid dash of pure garage.  Here you have a woman and a man that obviously loves rock music. Live they are able to kick the music right into the bodies of any audience with the slightest interest in rock. All delivered with energy, speed and a great sense of humor. Danish drummer Martin Wild works on his kit like a sweaty steel-worker on a late night shift. Solid, strong and steady. Exploding on top of that you have Brazilian Flávia Couri on vocals and guitar. She is total dynamite. Nearly shaking with musical energy – and showing skills, experience and an unbeatable charm. On top of that she is dressed in style! As we were back in the late 1950’s…

ex manager of “Sneums Garage”, Denmark – after seeing The Courettes at SPOT 2015

by Jan Sneum

Under the clattering and dirty garage surface one could hear that The Courettes have full control of the anatomy of a good popsong.

The band has a refreshing live energy and eccentric entertainment value that immediately position them as one of the most promising new Danish live bands.

The style was so stark naked, the couple almost got the two-man band The Black Keys sound like a polished, radio-friendly and calculated pop rock band. The Courettes played raw, minimalistic and energetic rock'n'roll that woke nostalgic memories of the 1960s garagerock protopunkbands like The Kinks, The Shadows of Knight and The Sonics, as well as 2000's undisputed garage rock ambassadors, The White Stripes.

All of the concert songs were delivered with a noticeable energy that obviously rubbed off on the dancing audience.

* * * * stars - Gaffa (live review)

by Christian Voldborg Andersen

All-new, wild ’n’ woolly rockin' garage noise. The Courettes have been on the rampage throughout Scandinavia and Europe during the summer months.

**** stars – Shindig Magazine (album review, UK 2015)

by Lenny Helsing

The coolest couple of the Reeperbahn Festival

The Music Minutes, Germany, 2015

The couple exudes so much energy, vitality, charm and excitement that it's impossible to resist. A fuzz guitar, a voice, thundering drums and witty, highly flammable songs. The perfect synthesis of The Sonics, Link Wray and The Shangri-las.

Focus Knack, Belgium, 2016

A Danish-based band on a German label, this cries out for international acceptance but especially in the UK where they’ve taken our early beat-pop and distorted it into fabulous new garage-rock shapes

Ged M (SoudsXP), UK, 2015

They’ve got a real wild sound and style that you simply cannot get enough of.

UK 2015

by Olivia Cellamare

Hot fuzzy Garage Trash Rock. Flavia and Martin deliver wild Gotta-Go-rhythms leaving any timidity in the basement and not only bringing the mice to dance, but also letting the damp plaster crumble from the walls.(...) Unfiltered ecstasy, pure energy and rock and roll, the young, wild and carefree "everything is possible". (...) The Courettes are cheeky, provocative and extremely playful. To drop the draped belly of complacency, freshness strikes to revive the spirit of Protopunk. Here are the Courettes ... and the garage is shaking!

Underdog Fanzine, Germany, 2015

This self-confidence! This is rock and roll!

Germany 2015

One of the new sensations of the Danish garage.

Rifrockerz, Spain, 2015

A two-piece from Brasil/Danmark with a power that would set your pants on fire.

Garage in my living room, Holand, 2016

This group shines and will shine.

NotodoesIndie, Spain 2015

by Natxo del Valle

The Courettes played an energetic concert at Way up North Festival Saturday. (...) The blues inspired garage rock thunders straight ahead in a caotic explosion of speed. And it works.

* * * * stars (live review, Nordjyske Paper, 30.03.2015)

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